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“Every Disease is a Reminder of the Forgotten Tradition”

The above quote by Dr. D. Aravind Bharadwaj laid the foundation for LIT (Live Indian Tradition), an organization, tirelessly working towards bringing back the traditional Indian ways of farming, eating and living to the modern society.

LIT (Live Indian Tradition) is a mutual friend between farmers and society. It promotes and encourages the use of our own traditional products that are processed in the most natural way. The motive is to give everyone the exposure and experience of using products that are organic, indigenous, raw and produced directly from nature. Personal care is taken to ensure LIT products are not chemically processed.

INDIA is rapidly developing in terms of technology. Sadly, at the cost of this development, we are losing our traditional ways of living and eating. Ancient India was called 'Tianzhu' in Chinese and 'Tenjiku' in Japanese which means 'The Lord or Land of Heaven'. Today, the damage done to our tradition has reached such an extent that it appears impossible to revive the ‘heavenly India’ back.

LIT is now on a journey to make the impossible possible!

Acharya Dr D Bharadwaj has always loved anything and everything about ancient India and its tradition. With his blessings, his son Dr D Aravind Bharadwaj is industriously working with his team to bring back the forgotten tradition to everyone's life, to make India once again “The Land of Heaven.”