“Every Disease is a Reminder of the Forgotten Tradition”

The above thought laid the foundation for LIT (Live Indian Tradition), an organization, tirelessly working towards bringing back the traditional Indian ways of farming, eating and living to the modern society.

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Why are these native products so special?


Desi Cow’s Ghee

  • PremiumOrganic Ghee made from fresh A2 milk in the most traditional way possible
  • Boosts memory & immunity, making it most essential for children & adults
  • Packed with fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, and K
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
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Hand Pounded Traditional Rice

  • Hand-pounding retains all the holistic nutrients
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Glycemic Index of Traditional rice is way less than modern rice. Ideal rice for diabetics
  • Provides complete nourishment to bones, joints, and heart
Buy Hand Pounded Mappillai Samba

Raw Indian Honey

  • Delightful honey direct from nature
  • Original, Unprocessed and Unpasteurised
  • Therefore, it’s tastierhealthier and lasts longer….!!
  • All nutritional and medicinal properties are retained
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Himalayan Rock Salt

  • Healthiest form of salt
  • Excavated from the deep caves of Himalayas
  • Contains around 80 natural minerals
  • Detoxifies body by balancing systemic pH
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